Teaching Game Studies 2016 Edition

by miaconsalvo

Call for Participation

Workshop: Teaching Game Studies: from Beginner to Advanced Pedagogies

2 August 2016, DiGRA and FDG in Dundee

We are delighted to announce the next event in our series of workshops focusing on teaching game studies. Prior iterations have been held at past DiGRA and FDG conferences, and more than 100 participants have attended and taken part in a variety of activities. This workshop will be a half-day event, during the afternoon of August 2, 2016. It will include both open and closed sessions. Our open session will be available on a drop-in basis to anyone wishing to attend: no prior submission is required, and no advance notification is needed. For the closed sessions, we invite submissions based on the following criteria.

Submission Guidelines

For participation in the full workshop applicants need to include one of the following:

1. A completed syllabus for a course related to game studies and a short statement about what kind of feedback would be most useful to the teacher.  The statement about feedback could focus on what worked in the class and what didn’t. Submissions may also include relevant assignments (Please note: courses should NOT focus on game design or on development. While creating a game may be one element of a game studies course it should not be the central focus of the course).


2. Participants can submit a 500-750 word proposal for a potential assignment or activity for a game studies related course. The proposal should be as detailed as possible, including guidelines and learning outcomes or objectives.


1.00-1.15 Welcome and Housekeeping

1.15-2.00 Syllabus review

2.00-2.45 Potential assignments review

2.45-3.00 Wrap up part one

3.00-3.15 Break

3.15-4.30 OPEN SESSION: Roundtable discussion on issues with teaching game studies

4.30-5.00 Finalize session and future plans



Submissions of syllabus and post-mortem are due 3 June 2016

Decision notification: 7 June 2016

Please email all submissions as a single PDF file to Mia Consalvo at mconsalvo@gmail.com